Stainless Steel Braided PTFE Teflon Fuel Oil Gasoline Brake Line Hose by 1 Meter, Silver, Multiple Size

  • $12.08

Material: by PTFE Teflon inner Tube with Fire Resistant Stainless Steel Braided

Works With All PTFE Hose End Fittings and Stainless Steel Brake Fittings

Suitable for Brake Fluid, Coolants, Oil, Fuel, Gasoline, E85, Air and Methanol

Operation Temperature Ranges from -40degree ¢XF to 200degree ¢XF

AN-3 ID Size: 1/8" , 3.18mm

OD Size: 17/64" , 6.72mm

AN-4 ID Size: 7/32" , 5.56mm

OD Size: 5/16" , 7.93mm

AN-6 ID Size: 11/32" , 8.73mm

OD Size: 27/64" , 10.9mm

AN-8 ID Size: 7/16" , 11.11mm

OD size: 17/32" , 13.66mm

AN-10 ID Size: 9/16" , 14.27mm

OD size: 5/8" , 15.97mm