Silicone Radiator Coolant Hose Kit for 1992-1996 Toyota Aristo JZS147 Turbo Non-VVTi 3.0TT 2JZ-GTE

  • $81.90

Product SKU: ASHK38

Handcrafted engineering silicone with 4-ply polyester reinforcement. Wall as thick as 5mm. Superb resistant to UV, water, ozone and oxygen

Inner liner is coated with oil-resistant layer, which is specially made for extreme racing environment

Temperature resistance : -60 to 220 C ( -76 to 428 F ), Burst pressure tolerance : 6 Bar

which are far more superior than rubber hoses

Lifetime workmanship warranty. All photos are resemblance only and subject to change.

The Kit can come with full stainless clamp kit, pls. choose from pull down menu.